Emergency Bags

Our Emergency Service customers understand that they must be able to deploy fast and know exactly where their equipment is at all times. A Paramedic rucksack is a great example of how a bag helps make the job easier. Firstly it’s easy to carry, both hands free. Next it has separated internal stowage for each category of contents, thirdly it has great access and visibility with an open book design and clear vision panels on each internal pouch.

  • Cylinder Covers

    One of the most critical pieces of kit for any fire fighter is their BA set. Our Cylinder covers protect this most important of items.

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  • Kit Bags

    Our Kit Bags are designed to help you carry all types of equipment, no matter what the situation.

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  • Line Bags

    Proper rope management gets you deployed faster and more safely. Available in multiple sizes you can rely on our line bags.

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  • Rucksacks

    Job specific First Responder rucksacks are a true lifesaver. Designed to deliver critical therapeutic supplies direct to the point they are needed.

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  • Specialist Rescue

    Water Rescue, High Rise Hose Kits, Animal rescue, Cave rescue and may others all require a bespoke solution to carry tools.

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  • Stowage Bags

    Training on the contents and location of every item in a Stowage Bag makes it second nature when it really matters.

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