FloodEx Exhibition

We are proud to announce that we will exhibit at FloodEx exhibition at Peterborough Arena on 17th and 18th of May. FloodEx exhibition is all about flood prevention, and we believe our high-quality custom bags would be the right product for the visitors who are looking for the best products of the industry. FloodEx Opening […]

The Secrets to Cylinder Covers

Cylinder covers seem a pretty basic thing to manufacture… its just a cylinder of fabric right? Well we would have to disagree, we see our cylinder covers as potentially live saving pieces of equipment to our emergency services. Meaning each item is subject to a quality review and has a few additional extras to make […]

Why PVC?

You’ll notice quite a few of the proflight products are made from a PVC material. Let us guide you through why this is! Firstly, this isn’t just any PVC. We work with a high grade of PVC which is flame retardant. The PVC we usually work with is 680gsm – gsm been short for grams […]

TV’s SuperVet Big Bow

SuperVet, Noel Fitzpatrick has recently opened a spectacular new referrals centre. Noel has become known as the SuperVet for his ingenious outside the box ways of patching up our poorly pets. The shiny new referrals centre is a UK first in that is designed to treat cancer in our small house pets.

Headphone Case for Flare Audio

Flare are quite new onto the headphone scene but don’t let that fool you! The team at Flare Audio have in the past been dubbed the re-inventors of the loudspeaker and have since turned their attention to creating a new breed of high quality headphones.

Utilities Week Live 2015

What a great show! We had a fantastic time at this year’s Utilities Week Live and are really hopeful we might have some exciting new ideas in the pipeline in the future! We enjoyed a short walk around the show to explore the wider market and it has been brilliant to visit a new show […]

Voltage Rescue!

Voltage Rescue Kit

By kind permission of our client we will be taking our specialist pack to Utilities Week Live Exhibition. It is designed specifically for high and low voltage rescues. Originating from issues with transportation and theft of large metal rescue packs, Proflight and our client created this material based Rescue Kit. The kit holds all the […]

Retrieving AirAsia Flight QZ8501

AirAsia Recovery Diver Poor Visibility

Specialist bags used in the recovery of bodies following fateful plane crash over Christmas period. Bags are designed to easily float to the surface when in use. Although, a sombre incident this application of specialist bags sparked our interest. The flight crashed last month killing the 162 people on board. The flight – flying between […]