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We make the bags to carry what's important to you. A bag serves a whole range of purposes but if it is well designed and properly made it enhances and enables the use of its contents.

Proflight develop products for customers that are designed to suit a specific purpose, protecting, lifting, storing, sorting, transporting.

Not your ordinary bag manufacturer

Let us share our know how combining the latest innovations in fabric technology such as Anti-microbial products and cutting edge design to give you fantastic product that fits your precise requirements.

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Latest Case Studies

FloodEx Exhibition

Posted on May 11, 2017 in Trade Show

We are proud to announce that we will exhibit at FloodEx exhibition at Peterborough Arena on 17th and 18th of May. FloodEx exhibition is all about flood prevention, and we believe our high-quality custom bags would be the right product for the visitors who are looking for the best products of the industry. FloodEx Opening […]

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The Secrets to Cylinder Covers

Posted on April 14, 2016 in Emergency Bags

Cylinder covers seem a pretty basic thing to manufacture… its just a cylinder of fabric right? Well we would have to disagree, we see our cylinder covers as potentially live saving pieces of equipment to our emergency services. Meaning each item is subject to a quality review and has a few additional extras to make […]

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