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The Secrets to Cylinder Covers

Cylinder covers seem a pretty basic thing to manufacture… its just a cylinder of fabric right?

Well we would have to disagree, we see our cylinder covers as potentially live saving pieces of equipment to our emergency services. Meaning each item is subject to a quality review and has a few additional extras to make the things easier and quicker for our rescue teams.

Covers are manufactured in 680gsm PVC which is flame retardant, a vital quality in this case! Covers are made to order meaning we can manufacture in most standard colours, we also can print logos or text onto the cover on individual requests.

Each cover is shaped to fit the cylinders snuggly with a zip which is the full length of the cover to make inserting and removing the cylinder as quick and easy as possible. Another handy addition to our cylinder covers is a small printed panel. One side of the panel saying “full” the other saying “empty” the user simply Velcro’s this to the appropriate side for an instant visual notification of whether the cylinder is fit for use at this time.

Proflight endeavours to continually improve and develop its products to offer the best protection and solution to our emergency services. We are ready and waiting for the next development to further improve our long-standing cylinder cover solution.



Voltage Rescue!

By kind permission of our client we will be taking our specialist pack to Utilities Week Live Exhibition. It is designed specifically for high and low voltage rescues.

Originating from issues with transportation and theft of large metal rescue packs, Proflight and our client created this material based Rescue Kit. The kit holds all the key components for voltage rescues and can be easily moved and hung when not in use.

We designed and manufacture the bag which was planned to perfectly and neatly house all of the key components. These include various personal protective equipment, along with cutters and other tools. The key here for our client was the ability for the bag to hang up – working very much like opening a cupboard door, each component inside is supported when the bag is hung.

When hung in position the bag is opened efficiently with one simple zip around 3 sides, making 180 degree opening a breeze. Once inside inexperienced users are met with the kit for a high voltage emergency and another smaller bag for low voltage works with both elements clearly labelled.

This is a solution we are very proud of – and are hopeful it may even have saved lives through prevention and ensuring the appropriate equipment is always on site. Our client is also very pleased with the outcome, to him what had started as a “daft” idea of a solution quickly became a reality. By adapting industry norms and with our help generating something new.

Retrieving AirAsia Flight QZ8501

Specialist bags used in the recovery of bodies following fateful plane crash over Christmas period. Bags are designed to easily float to the surface when in use. Although, a sombre incident this application of specialist bags sparked our interest.

The flight crashed last month killing the 162 people on board. The flight – flying between Indonesia and Singapore at the end of December, when it ran into bad weather and disappeared from radar systems. So far only the tail of the plane has been found. Diving teams will be taking on the search operation shortly.

The dive team is to be a combination of highly qualified volunteer civilian divers and military divers. The aim find the plane and recover as many of the bodies on board as possible. A volunteer diver commented “We have the ability to dive in tight and overhead environments and in harsh conditions so we want to contribute our skills for this rescue effort”

The planes fateful journey took it into the Java Sea. The sea is considered to be relatively shallow but divers face large waves, strong undercurrents and poor visibility on the muddy seafloor. A diver commented “We have to work with our hands. We use all our senses. If needs be, we will crawl on the bottom and find things.” “We are trained for that. That’s why we are here.”

Those are not the only challenges they will face. The plane is believed to be upside down and stuck deep in the mud. Many of the passengers may also still be strapped to their seats and getting them out will be tricky. Divers will have to collect their body parts before putting them in a bag underwater that is then floated to the surface.

These bags appear to have been designed to be lightweight in a mesh fabric. The bag opens widely in the style of an old-fashioned coin purse, to help divers when working in currents and low visibility. The bags resemble a large suit bag once in use, which the diver can safely guide to the surface.

Best of luck to the recovery teams and well wishes to the families who have been touched by this tragedy.

What a Show! ESS 2014

Around 4000 guests flocked to the NEC again this year for the Emergency Services Show. Proflight were pleased to be involved again this year and were thrilled with the response our new bigger better stand received.

The show event held over 2 days saw a huge range of state of the art and potentially lifesaving equipment. Proflight is pleased to report that we had a great show. Appreciating the efforts of other exhibitors and enjoying the chance to discover a few potential new opportunities.

Our sister company Banner Box also at our Staveley base assisted with the show by creating the striking print which mounted on our fabric tension system stand. We were able to enjoy the additional room and benefits of a more wow factor stand than in previous years. We took the opportunity to take a diverse range of our bespoke bags to the show and were pleased with the response.

Proflight  also decided to host a show competition to win a rather extravagant bottle of champagne, simply guess how many mugs are in our Proflight bag. This proved more challenging than expected but I can confirm we had 1 clear winner on each day. These were Emma Spratt and Keith Howlett – Congratulations and enjoy your yummy prize. We would like to thank everyone for their efforts and are pleased to say a Proflight mug is on its way to some of the runner-up entrants.

The Proflight team would like to take the opportunity to send thanks to the many exhibitors and guests which make the show a success.  We particularly enjoyed discussing some new avenues for Proflight and are hopeful we will be there again next year.

Emergency Services Show 2014

Here at Proflight we are excited to announce our attendance at the Emergency Services Show again this year. The event is fixed in our calendar as a firm favourite!  This year is particularly special to the team as it is the first year we will be exhibiting from a space only stand, meaning we will be bringing the biggest and best Proflight Stand to date!

Proflight will be waiting to greet you on stand F35 of the show. The stand will be hosting something for every service as well as a competition and our dedicated experts from the Proflight team. Our bags at the show will include:300-BAR-Red-yellow&-Blue-cutoutWater-rescue-Bag

  • Cylinder Covers
  • Various Medical Bags
  • Storage Bags
  • Helmet Covers
  • Ferret Bags and More

We will also be bringing along some of our bespoke solutions which our customers have very kindly allowed us to borrow for the show! These will including: Derbyshire Fire Service Cylinder Covers and Nottinghamshire Services Medical and Cylinder Equipment.

Please do come along and find out more! For the first year ever Proflight will have a few short appointments available if you would like to book a specific time to speak with an expert, to book email [email protected] . Otherwise please do register to attend the show here

Proflight Hopes to See You There in 2 Weeks Time!


Medical emergency rucksack

Designed in collaboration with Special Forces, this strong bag is used by military medics working across the globe, often in extremely harsh conditions. The full backpacking harness and robust outer ensured medics could carry the kit in tough terrains and temperatures.

Clever internal packs allowed multiple medical kits to be carried, so more than one medic could get help to the casualties quickly.

Case Study / Extended Duration Breathing Apparatus / South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue

Proflight Bags have introduced the first Extra Duration BA (EDBA) Cylinder cover to the UK market. Currently on trial with South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue, the EDBA unit from Drager provides substantial extra time to the user. Because of the extra exposure time all the materials used are of an enhanced specification compared to the standard units, ensuring the cover matches the rest of the unit’s performance.

Following consultation with SYFRS during the prototype phase of the product development the cover was designed with usability in mind. A two zip system allows easy inspection of the cylinders prior to re-filling and tailored cut outs in the rear allow the harness to be fully removed from the cylinder without removal of the cover, a feature that is particularly important during operation as the user can rapidly change cylinders without removal of the full BA set.

Common features such as full / empty labelling are carried forward from Proflight’s Standard cylinder range so will be familiar to existing users. Covers can be branded with individual force insignia and product details.

For more information contact Proflight Bags on 0800 046 3892 [email protected].

Case Study / Makita toolkit bag for the Fire Service

We worked with Bedfordshire Fire & Rescue on the design of this bag. The firefighters were issued with new kit, including two saws, replacement blades, a drill and keys. As the saw blades were extremely sharp, our task was to ensure all the tools could be retrieved safely, and quickly.

This clever bag kept the tools securely in place and ready for action, while dividers kept the firefighters’ hands clear of the blades. The Makita kit bag is now standard issue throughout Bedfordshire.

Case Study / High access kit bags for the Fire Service

When you’re tackling a fire in a tower block, you need a bag that will carry equipment safely and easily as you climb the stairs. You also need to get your hands on every piece of equipment quickly, and in a set order.

We worked closely with Greater Manchester Fire Service and Premier Hose Technologies to produce this robust bag. The design ensures fast, easy access to their lifesaving kit.