The Secrets to Cylinder Covers

Cylinder covers seem a pretty basic thing to manufacture… its just a cylinder of fabric right?

Well we would have to disagree, we see our cylinder covers as potentially live saving pieces of equipment to our emergency services. Meaning each item is subject to a quality review and has a few additional extras to make the things easier and quicker for our rescue teams.

Covers are manufactured in 680gsm PVC which is flame retardant, a vital quality in this case! Covers are made to order meaning we can manufacture in most standard colours, we also can print logos or text onto the cover on individual requests.

Each cover is shaped to fit the cylinders snuggly with a zip which is the full length of the cover to make inserting and removing the cylinder as quick and easy as possible. Another handy addition to our cylinder covers is a small printed panel. One side of the panel saying “full” the other saying “empty” the user simply Velcro’s this to the appropriate side for an instant visual notification of whether the cylinder is fit for use at this time.

Proflight endeavours to continually improve and develop its products to offer the best protection and solution to our emergency services. We are ready and waiting for the next development to further improve our long-standing cylinder cover solution.