Headphone Case for Flare Audio

Flare are quite new onto the headphone scene but don’t let that fool you! The team at Flare Audio have in the past been dubbed the re-inventors of the loudspeaker and have since turned their attention to creating a new breed of high quality headphones.

Proflight were selected to manufacture these tiny covers for the innovative new headphones. With an impressive price tag of £175.00 (and that’s for the basic specification) the cover is an essential part of the product in ensuing these headphones stay in pristine condition.

Admittedly this was an unusual one for Proflight, we generally work with much larger bags and heavier grade materials. However, we are really pleased with the results and are in a phase of prototyping for Flare’s larger headphones (stay tuned). The minimalist design is perfect, complete with zip pull for ease and our favourite a small Velcro tab which when placed around the wires prevents them becoming tangled.

Proflight wish the Flare Audio team the best of luck with their new venture and if previous products are anything to go by we’ll all be saving up for these headphones. They provide “distortion free, pressure-balanced IEM in-ear earphones” – we weren’t entirely sure what that means but the pair we had for testing the cases certainly produced amazing sound. Personally, I know they put my headphones to shame, it was like listening to different digitally enhance music!

Check out Flare Audio’s website and Kickstarter pages for more information.