Why PVC?

You’ll notice quite a few of the proflight products are made from a PVC material. Let us guide you through why this is!

Firstly, this isn’t just any PVC. We work with a high grade of PVC which is flame retardant. The PVC we usually work with is 680gsm – gsm been short for grams per square metre. The 680gsm means this is a very heavy and dense fabric which at times can be tricky to work with but produces fantastic solutions.

The PVC lends itself well to industrial applications due to its finish. The shiny finish often associated with PVC is perfect for keeping the bags clean with most scuffs and marks simply wiping away with a damp cloth.

This material also gives us the capability to personalise our products to any design a customer requires. Usually we print a company logo onto the fabric which is applied by heat press to the PVC.

The PVC available to us is also perfect for creating our range of structured bags. Its robust nature provides the perfect fabric to sit over a structured bag shape. If you’d like to know more or see any samples please give the Proflight team a call.

A selection of our PVC products are pictured below: