Voltage Rescue!

By kind permission of our client we will be taking our specialist pack to Utilities Week Live Exhibition. It is designed specifically for high and low voltage rescues.

Originating from issues with transportation and theft of large metal rescue packs, Proflight and our client created this material based Rescue Kit. The kit holds all the key components for voltage rescues and can be easily moved and hung when not in use.

We designed and manufacture the bag which was planned to perfectly and neatly house all of the key components. These include various personal protective equipment, along with cutters and other tools. The key here for our client was the ability for the bag to hang up – working very much like opening a cupboard door, each component inside is supported when the bag is hung.

When hung in position the bag is opened efficiently with one simple zip around 3 sides, making 180 degree opening a breeze. Once inside inexperienced users are met with the kit for a high voltage emergency and another smaller bag for low voltage works with both elements clearly labelled.

This is a solution we are very proud of – and are hopeful it may even have saved lives through prevention and ensuring the appropriate equipment is always on site. Our client is also very pleased with the outcome, to him what had started as a “daft” idea of a solution quickly became a reality. By adapting industry norms and with our help generating something new.